Behaviour Consultations

Behaviour challenges can affect more than your pet’s mental health and your stress levels. Chronic anxiety or stress can actually affect you animal’s physical health, and vice versa. Chronic disease such as skin problems, joint pain or hormonal disorders often cause or worsen emontional disorders such as anxiety or aggression. Our Behaviour Consultations get to the core of the issue rather than just dealing with symptoms.

Some abnormal behaviours also have far reaching consequences. A dog running away during a storm could seriously injure themselves and require expensive surgery. Separation related problem behaviours might cost you dearly, think disputes with the neighbours, council complaints and the stress and costs associated with property destruction. A dog bite could lead to a lawsuit or worst case scenario – euthanasia. 

Our Behaviour Consultations Packages

Initial Behaviour – Consult Only

The initial consultation, which can be conducted in person or via Zoom and typically lasts for 1 to 2 hours, lays the foundation for our engagement. Following this consultation, a comprehensive report will be provided, encapsulating the key insights and outcomes discussed during the session.


Support Package After Initial Consult

This package is designed to provide ongoing assistance. It includes two 30-minute behaviour modification sessions, either in person or via Zoom, over a month. After each session, you will receive video notes detailing the discussed topics and a tailored training plan. Continuous progress is ensured through video critiques and feedback offered five days a week between sessions. WhatsApp support is available to address any queries or concerns that may arise.

Initial Behaviour Consult

This package includes a variety of comprehensive offerings, commencing with a one-hour consultation conducted via Zoom, followed by three separate 30-minute behaviour modification sessions, either in person or via Zoom. A report summarising the progress is provided, alongside notes and a structured training plan after each session. To facilitate continuous improvement, video critiques and constructive feedback are provided throughout. Support is extended through WhatsApp, ensuring a comprehensive and dedicated approach to your needs.

Single 1-2-1 Sessions

We offer focused behaviour modification and training sessions that typically span between 1 to 2 hours. We understand that each pet is unique, and our experts take the time to assess their individual needs, creating a customised plan that addresses specific behavioural issues. Whether it’s tackling anxiety, aggression, or obedience concerns, our team is here to provide patient guidance and effective techniques. Through positive reinforcement and science-backed methodologies, we aim to foster a stronger bond between you and your pet while achieving sustainable behaviour improvements.

Coaching Package

This comprehensive monthly package encompasses essential components, including an individual, personalised training plan, diligent video critiques, and constructive feedback provided throughout five days each week. Additionally, the package offers WhatsApp support, ensuring a well-rounded and continuous support system to aid your goals.

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