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Find out more about Creature Connections Dr. Ingrid – Behaviour Vet, qualified trainer, Fear Free certified professional, and urban search and rescue dog handler. Having lived with animals with different behaviour challenges, I genuinely understand the difficulties you face.

My knowledge as a veterinarian, post graduate veterinary behaviour qualifications, professional trainer qualification as well as many years of practical horse & dog training experience help me to approach every behaviour challenge holistically. My skill set allows me to address the physical & mental health of my patients in addition to behaviour modification & management.

Hello, I’m Dr Ingrid Groeger-Stone

As a behaviour vet and qualified trainer, I have a deep understanding of animal psychology and behaviour. I work closely with pet owners to unravel the complexities behind behaviour problems and develop effective strategies for improvement.

I believe in building trust and fostering a harmonious relationship between pets and their owners.

In addition to my expertise, I am an urban search and rescue dog handler, trainer and assessor. This role has created a unique bond with my canines and strengthened my commitment to serving the community in times of emergencies.

By focusing on improving pets’ mental health and meeting their needs, I aim to strengthen the connection between pets and their humans. Through education and empowerment, I provide pet owners with the knowledge and tools to nurture their pets’ well-being, creating happier lives for both animals and humans.

I am driven by my dedication to the field of animal behaviour and welfare, making a positive impact in the lives of pets and their humans.

My special passion is making the world of scent lead activities accessible to pet dogs, particularly the more complicated canines. I am a certified Man trailing instructor as well as a prospective K9 Nosework instructor.

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