K9 NoseWork®

Every dog possesses remarkable scenting abilities, relying on their noses as an essential tool for understanding and navigating their world. While your canine companion, whether it’s Freddy the Frenchie or Peggy the Poodle, might not be vying for a professional scent detection job, you’ll be amazed by the hidden potential they hold.

Join us in exploring the captivating realm of K9 NoseWork®, where each sniff is a step toward enriching your dog’s cognitive well-being and strengthening the bond you share.

Our K9 NoseWork® Classes:

K9 NoseWork® Introduction

In this class, we focus on nurturing your canine companion’s innate instincts for searching and hunting, while also boosting their confidence in tackling fundamental scent-related challenges involving both treats and toys.

Introduction to Elements

This 4-week class is where we introduce dogs to the essential elements of scent work. Throughout this class, we’ll guide you in exploring the art of searching in various environments, including vehicles, exteriors and containers.

Introduction to Odour

This 6-week journey comes complete with essential initial supplies for home practice. We’ll guide you and your dogs in transitioning their search skills to seek out small quantities of essential oil, specifically birch.

Advanced Classes

This class is designed to challenge and refine the abilities of experienced scent-seeking dogs. Join us for an exciting journey as we explore complex search scenarios and sharpen your dog’s prowess to the next level.

Have you ever watched professional detection dogs search?

It is pretty amazing.

Do you think to yourself that your dog could never do this?

Think again!

Nosework is suitable for all dogs regardless of age or size, as well as reactive, shy or fearful dogs. Only very few dogs are not suited to participate at classes, but even these dogs can enjoy the activity at home.

Some of the many benefits of K9 NoseWork® are:

  • Dogs easily burn lots of mental & physical energy doing searches
  • Searches can be done anywhere you can take your dog
  • No prior training is required and no obedience is needed
  • In classes, dogs work one at a time and rest crated or safely in a vehicle between searches so reactive dogs can enjoy the activity, too
  • Shy or fearful dogs build confidence and overactive dogs put their energy into fun searches
  • Stronger bond between dog & handler as handler learns to observe, understand, and rely upon his dog

Want to join us? We offer classes as well as individual lessons, which you can learn more about and book straight onto the classes below!

What is K9 NoseWork®?

K9 NoseWork® is the specific term used to describe the canine scent detection activity developed by Ron Gaunt, Amy Herot & Jill Marie O’Brien to give pet dogs and their people a fun and easy way to learn and apply scent detection skills.

In K9 NoseWork®, dogs learn how to search for a specific odour or odours and find the source. Dogs start by searching for their favorite food or toy reward hidden in a variety of environments, increasing the challenges and adding new search skills as the dog progresses. 

Once target odors are introduced to the dog, he will search for the odor only and find its source, then get rewarded by his handler with his favorite food or toy reward.

Dogs are exposed to a myriad of complex search scenarios, while continuing to condition their foundational skills. Handlers sharpen their observational skills and learn when and how to take action during a search. 

K9 NoseWork® is an activity that uses real-world environments and can be done almost anywhere. Every search has the potential to be a dramatically different & highly stimulating experience for both dog & handler, just by changing hide placement, or searching under different weather conditions. By participating in scent detection with your dog, you’re giving him the freedom to express and refine his natural talents, and he’s giving you a glimpse into how he “sees” the world.

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Introduction to Odour

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Advanced Classes

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