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Veterinary Behaviour Consultant

As a Veterinary behaviour consultant, Creature Connections specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of abnormal behaviours and emontional disorders, similar to a psychiatrist for humans.

Serious behaviour problems can put a huge strain on the relationship with your pet and our knowledge as a veterinarian, post graduate veterinary behaviour qualifications, professional trainer qualification as well as many years of practical horse & dog training experience help us to approach every behaviour challenge holistically. Our skill set allows us to address the physical & mental health of our patients in addition to behaviour modification & management.

Don’t adopt a wait and see approach. Both yours and your pets stress levels are already high. Many abnormal behaviours get worse as time goes on, and treatment becomes more difficult the more ingrained a behaviour is. And more serious problems equal more serious consequences. We mostly work on a referral from your veterinarian or trainer but you can contact us directly if you are concerned about you pets behaviour.

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Behaviour Consultations

Our behaviour veterinarian offers personalised consultations, addressing the underlying reasons for issues from anxiety to aggression, rather than suppressing behaviour symptoms. Our guidance gives you the tools for a happier, harmonious relationship between you and your four-legged friend.


Experience the power and skill of mantrailing through our expert training, regardless of the age, breed or disability. Unleash your pet’s natural scent-tracking abilities for a fulfilling and enriching activity that strengthens your bond through a safe and controlled environment.


K9 NoseWork®

Unveil your dog’s extraordinary sense of smell with our nosework training. Stimulating and fun, this activity boosts confidence, problem solving skills, and strengthens the human-animal bond while providing a constructive outlet for natural behaviours.

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